Friday, December 12, 2008

Nature's Gift Perfumer's Chypre Kit

For a while now, Marge Clark of Nature's Gift has been putting together perfumery kits. The following is Nature's Gift's latest addition to the kit family: The Perfumer's Chypre Kit ~

"For more information about the history of Chypre perfumes and options on creating your own chypre blends, please see our Chypres Defined page.

Nature's Gift is proud to present two different Chypre kits for your experimentation.

First, the BASIC Chypre kit contains fifteen ml (1/2 fl oz) bottles of our Bergamot FCF (for skin safety), Labdanum Absolute, Oakmoss Absolute and Sweet Patchouli, all in 10% dilutions for your mixing and matching, to discover your own personal Chypre accord. If available separately, the four Basic Chypre Oil dilutions would retail for $35.00. Save 20% by ordering the complete set for only $28.00

Our EXPANDED Chypre kit contains the above four oils, plus materials designed to allow you to experiment with the different "families" of Chypres:

(All of the following are in 2 ml bottles, and 10% dilutions for ease of use and to blend readily with the above Basic Chypre Oils.)

* Floral Chypres: Rose Absolute, Jasmine Grandiflora Absolute and Lavender CO2 extractions.
* Animalic Chypres: Angelica Root and Valerian Essential Oils
* Fresh Chypres: More Citrus - Green Mandarine and Blood Orange Oils
* Green/Herbal Chypres: Sweet Basil and Clary Sage
* Leather Chypres: Choya Loban and Tobacco Absolute
* Coniferous Chypres: Atlas Cedar Leaf and Maritime (Sea) Pine Needle Oils
* Woody Chypres: Himalayan Cedarwood and Sandalwood.

Now, obviously, there are many more oils that could fit in each category. All of our floral absolutes could be used in a Floral Chypre Perfume, all of our "Wood Oils" could enhance a Woody Chypre, etc. We want you to have the opportunity to play, to see what fits your taste, and then add to your library from there.

For ease in blending and experimenting, we are including:

* A dozen disposable pipettes (in addition to the mini-pipettes that come with each of our 2 ml oils.)
* A package of 100 Perfumers Scent Strips to experience each oil singly and in combination over time.
* Blending Bottles: 3 2 ml amber bottles, 3 5 ml Cobalt Bottles, and one 15 ml Cobalt bottle.

Separately, the complete "Explore the Chypres" kit would retail for $115.00 Save 20% by ordering the complete set for only $92.00"

Jump start your natural botanical perfumery education utilizing one of these great kit combinations.

And don't forget to play the 13th Reason guessing game in the previous post -- it's open until December the 19th (enter for your chance to win a handmade poppymint soap and a frankincense and rose body butter).

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