Monday, March 23, 2009

Life & Perfume

Less about perfume, perhaps, and a bit more about life. Ten years ago when my father still breathed he posited a life philosophy that, up until now, completely eluded me. After watching my meager investments go from pathetic to tragic in the span of three months, the light of understanding began to illuminate the dark corner where dad's life philosophy lay. What was his philosophy? That one should only work to live, not live to work. Work for what you need, don't trust financial institutions (and I thought he was being paranoid), grow your own food, grow your own "medicine", and grow your spirit in whichever manner you choose so long as proselytizing and shooting weren't involved. Time is an investment and you have to decide if you want your investment of time to equal piles of money so you can drive that gas guzzling SUV and wear expensive clothes and have people admire you for your cash, or do you want your time to be reflected in the relationships you have with your family and friends? And lastly: You can't take it with you when you die. Maybe I'm not articulating this properly, but I think the bottom line is that we're all a bunch of spoiled little shits who think we deserve things we don't work for and work for things we don't need. I'd rather have respect, love, camaraderie and experiences in my life because these things my soul can "take with me" when I die.

Dad also said, "Money happens. When you need it, you'll figure out a way to get it."

About perfume? Who am I kidding? I haven't had the time to make any! But I have been tincturing, and distilling. The zippy zapper's got a little 1 oz bottle of horse chestnuts spinning into the 15th hour. This stuff, though animal derived, smells amazing. And it doesn't hurt the horse in any way to remove its "chestnuts".


  1. Along the lines of this, my dad always told me that time is actually NOT money. Time, he said, is far more valuable, since you can always find a way to make more money.

    Wise fellows, these dads.....

  2. Yes, they are. God love 'em.

    Thank you for your comment :D


  3. Your dad was absolutely right.

    And I totally agree we're a bunch of spoiled little shits. With serious entitlement issues.

    I just went through a major move, and it put a ton of stuff into perspective with regards to 'stuff', a place to put it (queueing up George Carlin...), and do I really need all of it. And if so, WHY.

    Better to be remembered for doing stuff rather than having stuff.

  4. I'm going through something similar with what's necessary and what's just stuff. I often count myself in with those shits, too. But I'm learning.



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