Sunday, March 08, 2009

Lights Coming On Again

There I was, bragging away about how I'd dodged the yearly seasonal cold, and a flu bug struck me down. The diffuser was turned off for like, maybe three full days (the hubs objected to the scent of rosemary cineole and bergamot bubbling away together), and there was so much in and out going on ~ errands, theirs, not mine, never mine, because mine are all right here . . . I digress. So a bug hit me. Hard. Been down and fairly out for about two weeks. Just before the bug hit, I received a little tin of vintage resins from Ms. L. up in Berkeley. Only been able to sniff at them a little just these past few days, since the sense of smell sort'a, kind'a came back, a little. I am dumbstruck by the orris soluble resin. Luscious. Sugared petals and light clover honey. The benzoin soluble resin is rich and sticky sweet, vanilla cream. There are others, but my nose refuses to cooperate, so the evals on those will have to wait. My point is that this is what I love about doing what I do. The gems. The darlings. These little treasures of essence from which to springboard ideas, create something unique, something dazzling. Or leave to sparkle on their own, library pieces to carry around in apothecary boxes and share with friends.

So happy the clouds of illness are sweeping away and a little of the light is beginning to shine through.

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