Thursday, May 21, 2009

12 Essence Natural Botanical Perfume Kit for Beginners

Curious about natural botanical perfumery but not quite sure where to begin? Looking for a little guidance? This kit includes 9 mls of each of 12 essences diluted in organic golden jojoba (no need for additional carrier oil), 25 scent strips, 3-2ml blending vials with corks, 1-1oz blending bottle with cork, 2-9ml perfume bottles, and full instructions and evaluation methods, eval sheets, etc. Nearly everything a beginner needs to start experimenting in natural botanical perfumery.
(pipettes not included in this kit)

Top Notes:
coriander leaf 10%
fresh lemon essence (home distillation by yours truly) 10%
bergamot bergaptene free 10%

Heart Notes:
jasmine grandiflorum 1%
cananga 10%
boronia absolute 2%

Accessory Notes:
fig (home extraction) 30%
cardamom CO2 10%

Base Notes:
Vanuatu sandalwood 10%
ambrette CO2 10%
vetyver 10%
patchouli 10%

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  1. Interesting botanical perfume I want to create my own one,I love it. Anyway,will certainly visit yor site more often now.




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