Friday, May 15, 2009

Social Networking in the NBP

Everyone seems to be Twittering (does that require capitalization?), Facebooking, texting, updating and blogging (she grins) about everything, from the boring, mundane, often ridiculous -- "My sweet little kitty Cleopatra Sheba LaBelle just coughed up a hair ball--it looks like puke-sh*t!" (really? do I need/want to know this?), to the--well, F-it! more boring and mundane and ridiculous. I'm a sinner in this regard. This post, for example, may go nowhere at all . . .

I don't twitter, hardly ever Facebook (how many cyber mandalas, plants and acres of cyber rain forest can a person have? and I REALLY don't know Michel Roudnitska, but he's one of my "friends"), blog sporadically, and suck at returning emails in a timely fashion. Basically, the day-to-day bores the rippin' hell outta me (I'd rather distill something -- maybe Cleopatra Sheba LaBelle's puke-sh*t). It CAN be entertaining, but mostly not.

So what's this got to do with NBP? It's my kind of social networking. You, as a natural botanical perfumer or student, have an event and want to spread the word, I'll Facebook you, twitter you, blog you and email everyone I know to get the word out. If you're selling wares on Ebay or Etsy, I'm your twitter-head (not really, I still don't twitter, but I'll let people know what you're up to).

I respect the nbp'ers who acknowledge the efforts made by those of us who can't keep our mouths, or laptops, closed about how much we respect and appreciate them.

Check out the "Scented Places" links on the right and way toward the bottom of this blog and you'll find some of those worthy folks. I'm adding new ones all the time . . .

So, really, this post was about not much except maybe to say thanks to you -- and you know who you are.

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  1. Cleopatra Sheba LaBelle's puke-sh*t ain't got nothing on my Lucy Fuzzbutterson's excavations in the litterbox :)

    That being said... I'm kind of rethinking my place in the Universe as a Twit, well, Twitterer. It's a marketing tool. It's a promotional tool. It's narcissism gone too far. It's an ADD enabler. It's a floorwax AND a dessert topping. And in the end, no one gives a shit. We were perfectly fine before it came along.

    Facebook is like that, too. On the one hand, it's a massive ego toy. On the other, well, maybe people really want to know what's up with everyone else. In which case the burning question becomes, well.... didn't we all have active and healthy lives pre-Facebook?

    Of course, I have a Twit feed on facebook and on my blog. Funny world.



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