Saturday, May 09, 2009

Full Moons, Mercury Retrograde

A money magnet, eh? Not something I would have said about myself a month ago. In fact, I might have gone as far as saying my luck, or whatever you call it -- fates? -- was negative, a sucking void. But since The Traveling Astrologer told me in a nonchalant and disconcerting way, "You're a money magnet, you know that," I've realized that, well, she's right. Business, as it were, ain't boomin', but it's there. Steady. And, surprisingly, bursts of sales seem to appear when I'm down to my last shekel and wondering how I'm going to pay the (insert bill name here). Like magic. And, oddly, when everyone else is shrieking and pulling at their hair over bad moons and Mercury retrograde and poor sales, everything for me stays the same. It's a roller coaster ride 24-7, 12 months a year, decade after decade, and I go with it. Life is a mystery.

*Update: You have to read what Eleneetha writes on her Etsy site about Taurus/Merc. retro. Very insightful and helpful info.


  1. Good grief, we're in a retrograde right now?

    That sure explains why I'm reliving counting every last penny like I was doing a little over a year ago :P

    Not in a bad way, mind you, but it gets bothersome.

    I realized today that I am going to have an interesting time coming up with cash for my BART ticket for work this week, when I checked my account balance and saw that something cleared a month after it was supposed to, and now I have about $100 less than I ought. But 'tis okay, it's part of the adventure... At least the mortgage is paid.

    Now I just have to find out why PG&E is not sending me my farking bill. I mean, they want my money, right?

  2. Bothersome, yes. After years and years of that fearful feeling of, I don't know, the rug nearly being pulled out from under your feet(?), I've finally just let it go because the worst has never happened. Got close a few times, but always managed to avoid it altogether. And it is definitely an adventure :D

    That's how I look at it. If the bills are paid, then I'm good. No cruises or trips to Playa del Carmen for me!

    PG&E definitely wants your money. Right now!

  3. Somehow, I've always landed on my feet like a cat, rather than squarely on my derriere. But it is such a farking whirlwind getting to that point where I'm falling and then land on all fours.

    The huge challenge is to diagnose and prioritize 'necessary' versus 'it'd be nice if ___ was done' around the house, right now.

    I'm hoping the retrograde just slows things down a tich so I can catch up.

    Playa del Carmen, har har. Playa del Patio and Playa del Garden is more like it. And here's an umbrella on a toothpick, for that beer I just cracked open :)



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