Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Crazy 8's

Meet Mr's. Oakmoss, Tolu, Galbanum, Labdanum, Olibanum, Styrax and Benzoin, and Ms. Orris (who has had some 'work done', if you get what I mean), the Soluble Resin family of the Vintage Lineage. Ms. Sandalwood of Mysore is camera shy and the only sane one in the bunch. We'll save her photo shoot for another time.

Aren't they just mouth watering?


  1. truly some gorgeous shots!

  2. Thanks! I wish I knew how to use the camera better -- my daughter's the photographer in the family, but she was asleep when I set these up. I think they turned out ok.

    Too bad you can't scratch 'n' sniff the pictures -- the scent is amazing.



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