Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mid-Week Update

It's been an eventful week thus far. I may be childless -- well, at least MY children aren't here -- but I got charge of my grandson for the day yesterday, and he stayed the night last night. I raised this little boy for a whole year a while back when he was still a wild little thing at 4-years-old, in diapers, and with a vocabulary that consisted of maybe ten words. Within three months he was out of the diapers; in six months he spoke in complete sentences; today he's considered "above average" in intelligence. But last night he was just a silly little monkey. He forgot to pack underwear and pajamas in his overnight bag and ended up wearing one of my oversized t's as a nightshirt, sans the underpants. He thought it was the funniest thing ever, as he tried to accidentally-on-purpose flash the room while rolling around on the floor. He also "evaluated" essences from the workshop kit, which is always fun. He has such a clear and imaginative manner of expressing his impressions of scent. The first thing he said was, "I don't want to smell anything nasty this time, Grandma, 'k? Just nice stuff." Then he bumped a scent strip against his lip and exclaimed, "Oh, my god! I'm gonna get a rash now!" When the session was over, he asked, "Grandma, are you a scientist? I think I want to be a scientist, but I don't want to smell anything nasty." His impressions were muddled and he kept saying, "Hmmm, nice," to nearly everything he smelled, which was a little disappointing. I think he was doing it more for me than for himself. He's a sweetie that way.

Before Odie came to visit, however, I was already busy with cleaning carpets and tearing down bookshelves, removing paintings and other artwork from the walls to wash them -- the walls and the art. Scrubbing baseboards, washing out window sills, dusting ceiling fan blades -- generally getting the house in order before the Mongol hordes return. If it weren't so hot, I would have gotten to the painting, but it's miserable, even with the AC on.

AND ----- working on that project, which I'm really beginning to sweat over. It's a time issue and I've got so much else on my plate at the moment. At some point I'd like to have the perfume studio set up to receive guests. Right now, as I have pointed out before, it looks like a garage sale or swap meet in here. And I have perfume to make! Violet Flor (aka Ianthe the Violet Nymph) is in its dregs, as is Khamsa eau Fraiche. The problem with Khamsa is that I have to make such large batches at a time in order to fill the 100 ml bottles it lives in -- I'm making a couple gallons at a time, which for me is a real feat.

I actually wear Khamsa -- every day -- right after a shower. It was what I was wearing when I went to watch Dislodic, my son's band, play at a local club and everyone was coming up to me asking me what I was wearing, lifting my arms and sniffing up and down them, a la Gomez Addams.

Anyway -- it's been a busy few days.

And this was a nothing post.

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