Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Perfume As Symbol

As alternate realities, fantasies, desires. Perfume identifies its wearer. Friends say, "I always know when you're here because I can smell you before I see you," as they come in closer for a sniff. I am, apparently, defined by patchouli and "exotic spices", "warm skin", and "eroticism". So take a bite, why don't 'cha?

(The Kama Sutra states that a woman is not defined by her physical beauty, but by her odor. Her unique scent.)

Perfume is the ungraspable. The liquid tangible and the misty ephemera, "always too volatile, fleeting and vaporous to be possessed or captured by metaphor, color, and music or choreographic form." 1

1 Richard Stamelman

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  1. Its true fragrance of perfume tells about the style of a person..........



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