Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Candies, Cookies and Cheese, Oh My!

Tomorrow is candy day. Making. Candy. All. Day.


White Chocolate Peppermint Bark, candied pecans with clementine peels (very small amount of clementine peels), candied assorted nuts (hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans) with real maple and a hint of rose, candied citrus peels, and plain butter toffee. These are for munching on the Day, and for gifting.

Then Thursday, the Day Before the Day, it's cookie time. Mounds of chocolate chip cookies, pecan/patchouli snowballs, petitgrain sur fleur neroli shortbread cookies. May try my hand at some rose flavored mini cheese cake tarts. Whatever else I have time and ingredients to make.

Then on the Day, I won't be making cheese, but slicing Armenian style string cheese, goat feta, Irish Killaree Kerrygold, Austrian gruyere, and a stinky blue valdeon wrapped in hazel leaves, to be washed down with Sierra Nevada's delicious Celebration Ale, a few Jack Daniel's whiskey sours and a shot or three of Jager. There may be shots of Metamucil and Rolaids on the side as well . . .

And turkey chile verde tamales, a ham, sweet potatoes, mashed organic potatoes, corn, homemade bread with unsalted butter and a fat Greek salad with delicious Kalamata olives and more feta.

Then some poker, no cigars.

It's a smelly fabulous food fest on the horizon.

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