Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finally Getting Into the "Spirit"

Finally getting into the "spirit" of the season, which is a vast improvement over years past when I never got into the spirit and instead waited impatiently for the season to pass as uneventfully as possible. I've been inspired by my weekend away to make scented goodies -- not skincare or perfume, but edibles. I'm thinking an English trifle with a little dessert wine and maybe a sprinkling of lemon hydrosol . . . I love Quady Wines, and the best part is, they're right up the street and I can go pick up my loot in person. I also want to make some candies flavored with perfume stuff. I actually sampled a few perfumed/flavored truffles, and a fantastically perfumed/flavored dipping sugar. Oh, the possibilities! I also recently received a delicious shortbread cookie flavored with lavender -- wow. Again, endless possibilities here! So instead of the usual gingerbread cookies (though that's perfumed as well), we'll be whipping up lavender cookies and rose or neroli cheesecakes and jasmine raspberry tarts. Mmmmm.

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