Friday, December 18, 2009

Singing the Post Office Blues

My usual turn around time for getting orders out is 48 hours, at least that's the goal. Nearly all of November wasn't that way at all -- I wasn't staying in my home, I was caring for my mom who'd recently had surgery, so getting those orders out was really hit and miss. Some languished for over a week! Now I'm at the post office at least twice a week, sometimes three times a week, and what a pain in the tookis that is! Yesterday I was in the automated teller line at the local PO when a woman behind me (I was buying the postage for my parcels at the time) dropped all her parcels on the ground and made a huge ruckus about how "long people take". Um, lady? I waited in that same line for people in front of me taking their time, all the while balancing 6 oddly shaped parcels too. Did I get pissy? Did I throw my stuff down and act like a three-year-old? No. I waited. Because if you didn't want to wait in line, and you didn't want to get frustrated because you're on your lunch break or your half-day off or you're running out of time before picking up your kids, then you should'a sent your stuff in November, or waited until January -- there isn't any getting around the long lines at the PO these days, my friend.

Next time bring a book to read. And a folding chair.


  1. Ain't that the truth. I always have to suppress the urge to ask if they'd like the rest of us to stop the world so they can flounce off, since they aren't going to get their way today.

    Or if they need a diaper change.
    Or would they like a blankie and some cocoa.
    Or did they ever consider being organized and not procrastinating... (WHOA! How dare I suggest common sense. Someone could be offended. I'd be implying they don't have their shit together... Oh, the horror.)

  2. Suppressing the urge to behave badly when someone else is behaving atrociously - yep, I have that problem big time. My usual response to those center-of-the-universe types is a big smile, in an effort to suppress. It doesn't always work, but at least I'm not inciting riots in a federal building. I love the people who are dripping nice, though -- the ones who say, "I'm so sorry you're having such a bad day. I'll be finished shortly and you can have your turn. I sincerely hope your day will get better." They say so much between those lines. I'm usually not so sharp on the spot and a smile is the best I can muster.



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