Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Art Center

My cousin and I have been throwing an idea around for a few years now, and it seems that it may finally come to fruition, in part because of the economy (her work hours have been cut back drastically, and as a consequence, so have her paychecks), and because of her looming retirement. It speaks volumes about a person's need for change at this point in their life when they know, to the dollar, how much they'll receive from Social Security if they take their retirement *now*. I imagine once the working paycheck becomes a dollar less than the projected amount from Social Security, someone is going to quit her job. And that's where the Art Center comes in. Just before her father passed away a few years back at the ripe old age of ancient, he built an addition to their shared home -- a huge room the size of a two-car garage with a big window on the west wall and French doors on the east wall going into the well-tended garden. The room currently houses extra furniture, craft items and catering doo dahs (she works for a caterer and toys with the notion of starting her own company), and is perfect, absolutely perfect, as a teaching space (we've even held a wedding reception in the room). I've been given the green light on many occasions to teach a soap making class and a perfume workshop in the "spare" room, and permission to hold a scented event under the fruitless mulberry, catered by her. Thus far, neither of us has made a move. But the time is nigh. This afternoon or tomorrow, I'm going to talk to her about working on a schedule for classes over the summer, and then in September or early October, holding a perfumed garden party featuring perfumed confections and other scented edibles, whilst discussing NBP and possibly rousing interest for a local NBP art academy.

Murphys, here I come ~

Message from my spirit guides: You already have everything you need to make this situation start working for you, so stop searching for answers. It's time to look at your store of knowledge. Give your experiences the appropriate weight and meaning.


  1. Sounds great. One of my dreams it to host a sort of community center for classes of all sorts, book clubs, etc. You should live the dream for me until I can make it a reality for myself. Best of luck to you!

  2. Thank you so much! A book club sounds wonderful, maybe a writer's group? We may even teach perfumed baking somewhere along the line as cuz is an extraordinary cook -- her pies are to die for, an done of her long-time dreams is to own a tea house serving homemade pies and scones with various luscious aromatic teas.

  3. You go for it!! Wish I lived closer.

  4. Wish I lived closer too! :-)

    Get into it Justine[:-D], you have all the tools [mental, emotional and physical] you need to make this happen and for your ventures to be fruitful [unlike that poor mulberry tree! lol]

    In addition to soap, perfume, baking, writing, think handmade christmas gift workshops [lotions, soaps, scrubs etc], luxury bath ritual workshops.

    Have fun!

  5. Hi Melis, thanks! I will. It would be great if you lived closer :)

  6. Hey Holly! Those are marvelous ideas! Christmas gift workshops would be perfect ~ thanks :)

    I know, poor, poor mulberry tree ~ hehehe

  7. Put Cindy & I on the class rosters!!

  8. I'll keep you posted Jules. It should be fun :)



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