Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rose Soap

Would it be -- mmm -- irresponsible of me to use 1/2 ounce of pure rose de mai absolute in a batch of soap? Rose de mai? May rose. Half an ounce. With rose geranium hydrosol (hand made by moi) and the beautiful few mls of rose geranium essential oil floating along with it?

Would you mind terribly paying $16 USD for a 2.2 oz bar of lusciously floral REAL rose soap?

I'm seriously considering jumping in . . .


  1. Well, it sounds lovely to me!

  2. Would it be cheaper with rose wax? It does sound tempting, but $16 is a bit too step for me. You could do a liquoi body wash, too. Would that be cheaper?

  3. Thank you, La Bonne Vivante!

    I don't have any rose wax or I might ADD that to the mix . . . maybe I'll use just a bit less rose absolute and add in rosewood or ho wood, I'm thinking something leafy and green too, rhododendron or white champa leaf.

    Then the cost would drop and the scent would be rounder and richer than if it were simple rose.



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