Sunday, July 25, 2010


I've been busy lately with keeping up with the submissions to LPR and other perfume business. I ordered Dabney Rose's distillation booklet, which I cannot wait to receive, and, since I am the impatient sort, I'm currently distilling key limes in the copper al embic. Just a little note on those key limes -- I distill the whole fruit when I "do" citrus, so I cut the little bitty limes in half and tossed them into the blender with about a half quart of filtered water and-- nothing. The blender decided at that moment to give up the ghost. What'd I do? I juiced 'em. Right now I'm halfway through the distillation process with 16 ounces of key lime hydrosol and a surprisingly thick oil slick of eo floating on top. The downside of this distillation business is it really heats up the house. Can't wait until I get my mechanically inclined metal soldering son to build me an outdoor set-up. Then it's limes beware! I cannot wait to utilize some of Dabney's techniques to make perfect hydrosols. Back in December when I visited the Berkeley perfumers, I was gifted a 2 oz bottle of Dabney's raspberry hydrosol. It's been a real skin saver these past couple of days with the dry heat. Plus it just smells good!

I'm awash in perfume consults. Yes, awash. It's lovely.

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