Monday, July 26, 2010

Key Lime Hydrosol Facial Spray and Cake!

The small batch distillation of key lime turned out beautifully! Everyone in the house loves the fresh citrusy lime scent of the hydrosol-- I've been spraying it on myself, on the air currents created by the fans, in my hair. It's deliciously amazing. And it made me hungry for key lime something, so I whipped up another cake, a light yellow type cake with key lime hydro and vanilla tincture for flavoring, then made a delicious key lime hydrosol and peel icing that I poured all over the fluffy cake. The cake was so spongey and soft it literally soaked up the icing creating this ooey gooey citrusy delicious sweet summer confection. I don't suppose I have to say that it's all gone. People were scooping up the cake with big spoons and scraping their plates to get every little bite.

I think key lime hydrosol is going to be a staple hydro around here, for both spritzing onto heated summer skin and for infusing into food. I put a tablespoon full into my iced water and it was amazingly refreshing and zesty.

Off to refill the little spritz bottle with more key lime hydro and then I'm off to read in bed.



  1. sounds great, and oh so refreshing!

  2. It really is. I've been using it like mad. I'm afraid I'll have to conduct another distillation session with those key limes and make another bottle :)



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