Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm Sorry!

I apologize, profusely, for changing the background on this blog so often, but in the past Blogger didn't offer very pretty backgrounds so I had to go elsewhere to find nice "Apothecary" approved backgrounds. Just received a notice from Cutest Blog on the Block that my background was going bye bye on July 23rd and I'd better go pick a new one or else! Everyone else in the blogosphere must have been thinking the same thing because I could never get through to the website, so I gave up and used one of Bloggers new nifty spiffy layouts. Apothecary approved.

Public announcement over and out.


  1. LOL after around 10 I stopped counting the number of times I changed my background.

  2. I tried not to change it too much in the beginning, but I get bored easily with the same old looking thing after a while and started "shopping" backgrounds. Changed it about four times and then found this one, which I really like.

  3. Although I read you through google reader - now when I am here - I really like the background :)

  4. I'm a bit partial to it myself. It suits the mood of the blog, I think :)



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