Friday, March 25, 2011

More Perfumery and Things

Perfume Pharmer is a blog hosted by Monica Skye Miller of Skye Botanicals and supporter of Natural Botanical Perfumers of all ilks. If you've ever been curious about a NBP, how their perfumes smell, their aesthetic, this is where you go to find out. Why? Because this blog is on the giveaway wagon! There are several perfume giveaways going on here at any given time, and they're not only naturals.There are some "mixed media" perfumes there as well. If you're someone who wants to learn more about NBP, enter a drawing there. If you're someone who already knows what's going on and want to sample from peers, enter a drawing there. If you're a perfume whore who simply adores having a little variety on the vanity, enter a drawing there. You get the picture?

My vetiver plants arrived and I'm plotting what to do with them. We have a low spot in the backyard that always gets flooded when it rains. In fact, several years ago we built a sump, a big hole filled with gravel and river rock to help drain some of the water. It's worked well for the past few years, but the rains we've been getting lately have really stretched its capacity. The water can't drain through the soil quickly enough to allow more water to accumulate in the sump. Anyway, that's where three of the six vetiver plants I have will go. In the swamp. The other three will be planted in big planter boxes or containers so I can harvest the roots. I hear vetiver turns into a monster grass -- really looking forward to it!

I received a parcel of fougere perfumes in the post yesterday -- my, my, my! I'm thinking fougere is my new favorite perfume family. There wasn't a single perfume in the batch that wasn't absolutely delicious! I wore one to bed last night and it reminded me of being young and going out dancing, my arms wrapped around a warm, cologne-drenched stranger-man, my head swimmy with the scent of him (and a few tequila shots!) Oh, the folly of youth. Yeah, it's nice when fragrance takes you someplace lovely.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. I committed a most serious offence -- I started a Twitter account. I'm ashamed. Having said that, if you'd like to read my tweets, you can find me on Twitter, The Scented Djinn. Chirp!

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