Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Chillin' and Crushin' on Perfumers

This weekend has been a boon to me for perfume arrivals. I've gotten two parcels, well, three-- oops! Four!-- crammed to the edges with all sorts of smelly goodness. Can't say much more than that because they are out for review, and one is being sent off to another reviewer to review. All I can say is that I associate with some fabulous artisans.

Head's up, y'all ~ lots of perfume reviewing going on, and brainstorming future creations for TSD, AND really wringing the hands over the scent event/perfume exhibition in May.

Funny note ~ a friend called the other day and asked if I was holding the scent event at my house, and I had to tell her, no way, too much going on here at any given time, too much people traffic and people stuff everywhere, and she said, "What, like a kid will run through the house covered in poop?", and it's true, yeah, I'd be afraid of something that ridiculous. Not that it would ever happen, the poop thing, but mud or craft paint or molasses or honey or glue? Yeah, that could happen. My house is off limits to the consuming public ~ ha!

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