Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Dust Has Yet to Settle

Man oh man. Things were chill around here when the dust storm started. I was feeling pretty insulated for a while there, but now there are chinks in the armor and some -- no, let me rephrase -- a lot of the dust is swirling in. I've been in hiding, attempting to stay under the radar and concentrating more on daily survival. And a big move. Where I live now -- where I've lived for the past 16 years -- is way out on the edges of town, far from the center and very far from my day job, the post office (that's why your orders aren't getting sent out -- that and the fact that I'm a car jinx -- mine isn't running, the borrowed one isn't running, the one I rely on isn't running -- see? Car jinx. Sorry Mom.), grocery stores, farmers' markets, and anywhere else one might go to feel . . . normal. Where I am working on moving to, however, has all of those things, and more. A twenty minute walk to the J O B, a block or two from one of the original city post offices, and paces from there is a grocery store, a farmer's market, numerous eating establishments, pubs, art houses, clothing stores, and the community college, all very useful places, especially to those of the workhorse variety (me). I've been forced to pull all product from my Etsy site because I can't get to the post office but maybe once a month anymore to mail out orders -- whenever a sympathetic friend or relative is running about and offers a ride -- and it bites. Big time. I'm not used to relying on anybody for anything. Like I said, it bites. Once the move is made, however, I'm reopening shop and getting my bum in gear for the winter products -- butters and balms and soothing fragrant oils. The most consternating part of packing up for the move is this -- packing my essential oils, absolutes, tinctures and infusions just makes me want to play! I have a box marked 'things to work on in the new house' that is full -- full, I say -- and ready to be cracked open once we get settled in. Also, this new place is full of big spaces and the architectural flamboyance of the 1920's, so I will be teaching classes there (it's also in the business district so it's properly zoned -- hoo yah!), and possibly a few apprenticeships.

I have said a time or two before that I'm an optimist, right?

Anyway, I have to get running to the J O B -- five hours of type, type, typing and some really interesting stories.

In case you're in the market for a lovingly abused Arctander, here's a listing for you: Lovingly Abused Arctander.


  1. Love hearing your stories Justine <3

  2. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Wishing you all the best for your move, and crossing my fingers that the car jinx lifts pronto!

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  3. J, so glad to hear you are doing ok. I can feel the optimism from reading your post. Here's to new beginnings. I am trying to hold back the temptation to bid on that book, lol.

  4. I wasn't worried even when a whole week went by before you wrote something here..because you are so resourceful in every way!
    Love you hon!
    good blessings to you:)
    soon you will sing "climbed a mountain and I turned around"

  5. @ Monica, I have a lot more where that came from, but they're not suited for public consumption, haha!

    @ Anna, you and me both! I'm hoping the people working on my car come through -- finally. Then things will get better. (Crossing and recrossing fingers!)

    @ Melissa, I am doing okay. New beginnings, even of the forced variety, can really teach you a thing or two about yourself. I know, the book, ack! It breaks my heart but it's a liveable sacrifice.

    @ Eleneetha, love. Resourceful, I like that :) xo to you.



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