Friday, October 28, 2011

Facebook Free

Yup. Deleted the account. Realized that it's a tool for much busier people than I, and by that I mean people with inordinate amounts of time, often hours it seems, to peruse, comment, participate, advertise, promote, gossip, blab, and "like" 'til the chickens come home to roost. I also realized that I don't really have 900 friends. Honestly, if I can't fit you all around my dinner table at Thanksgiving (and that's an honest invitation), then I'm not giving you the proper face time you deserve as my friend. Of those 900 supposed friends, I've actually met face-to-face about 10, maybe even 20 of you, and more if I count family; of those 900, I am closely acquainted and truly count amongst my friends about 100 (lucky me, right?), so the rest of the 800 -- erm -- friends are really just people who want to clutter the forum with ads. At least that's been my experience. And Facebook in general reminds me of those Christmas cards you'd get from affluent relatives who would summarize their entire year with paragraphs dedicated to each person in their immediate family wherein each person had absolutely no strife, but instead was rewarded with honors in school, raises at work, elevations at church, marriages, babies and massive lotto winnings -- or some such hoo haa. And it seemed that with every newly accepted friend, there came an influx of advertising from that new friend. What I'm saying, in a nutshell, is I don't have time. I believe, for now, that my time would be better spent studying and formulating than trying to keep up with the Jones' on FB. Check out this webarticle about FB.

While packing the 'fume room, I ran across a little packet of perfume samples that I purchased from one of the decant shops online, one filled with Tom Ford's delicious vetyver parfum, Grey Vetiver, which, 'lo and behold, actually smells like it has some veyver in it -- and the other vial filled with my favorite perfume in the world (at this point), L'Artisan's Tea for Two. Prior to losing them in the mess I call my work studio, I only sniffed these perfumes, but since finding them I've been wearing them on alternating days. Both work quite nicely with my skin chemistry, and I'm beginning to think I have a second runner up for the number one spot on my scale of favorite perfumes in that Tom Ford concoction.

I'm also feeling tremendous guilt over my recent (say the past 6 to 8 months) lack of attention to business. My business. The shops I run online and the subsequent orders I am required to pack and ship in order to be a good merchant. I've probably said this a thousand times already, but the joy for me comes only in the creation of these treasures, not in the bottling, labeling, wrapping, photographing, advertising, SELLING, packing and shipping. Yes, I do truly appreciate the orders, tremendously, in fact, for those sales have more than once pulled my bum from the fryer, but honestly, I don't get excited about the money part. I have decided that before I reopen the shops for business, I will commandeer a warm body to help with the fulfillment of orders in exchange for an education in NBP. But that won't happen until after the big move. So if you're energetic, have about five or six hours of free time a week, live in the Fresno, California area, and are interested in learning about Natural Botanical Perfumery and working (a little) for that information, then watch for updates here on this blog and I'll hook you up, as the youngsters say.

Today my darling only daughter turned 18. I gave her a big hug and said, "The front door is over there." Sounds pretty harsh, but it's kind of a running joke as all the kids got the same "advise" on the day of their 18th birthdays. Her concern was more focused on the bathroom door, however. And in all reality, she'll probably live with me until she's thirty.

Well, ta-ta for now. Today is my day off and I've got some packing to do! The 'fume room is nearly done, and I say that with all the cynicism I possess, as the further I go, the greater the numbers of stuff I find to pack, understandably. What I don't understand is how it all seems to expand upon exposure to light and air, like some weird science project. Or the Blob.

Oh, yeah, I still post these blog posts on Twitter :)


  1. Well, what an enticing prospect! Really, what's holding me back from packing a hubby, two kids, 2 dogs and a cat and relocating to a different country? It would be so nice to escape the bitter winter cold up here, lol. I sure hope someone takes you up on your offer, they would be foolish not to. I have contemplated numerous times about deleting my personal FB account, but have held onto it as it seems to be easier for my husband's friends to contact me for updates about him. Perhaps I should just send out a message saying I'm deleting it, here's my email if you need to get hold of me. Yep, that's what I'm going to do!

  2. We -- that would be the current mish mash of family living with me now -- were able to slip into a sweet deal with the move, basically taking over a lease in a really beautiful old house. I'm probably making it sound easy, but really, with all the stuff and people to move, I just know it's going to turn into a nightmare. I have lots more time on my hands to really get things done since I deleted FB. I always thought I spent very little time on there, but I now realize that isn't true. Your reasons for keeping the FB account are valid, though. But it really does feel great not worrying about it anymore :) xoxo

  3. Many many congrats on nixing the FB account!

    When you have time for the stuff you actually care about, minus the distraction of all the background noise pollution of FB, life regains this sparkle and clarity :)

  4. I want to be considered one of the friends who would come to dinner for Thanksgiving!



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