Saturday, October 29, 2011

Slipping Into Snark

I've come to realize something about myself. I'm naturally snarky. My brain is, anyway, my mouth I am able to temper. If I said half of what I think I want to say, people around me would be a mess of emotions and negativity, and heaven knows I don't need anymore negativity -- or messy emotional upheavals! The screen door on my mouth is firmly closed and latched shut, which gives my brain plenty to chew on. Nothing like regurgitating snark to make your day ~ ha!

The move has been on my mind in a big, big way. 'They', the mysterious they of many a conversation, say that visualization is the key to making things happen. If you see yourself somewhere in a certain attitude, one which you desire, the eventuality is that you will make it real. So if you see yourself, say, sitting in a room with mahogany wainscoting, 10 foot ceilings, built in sideboards and stained glass windows, then someday you will make that happen -- you will be sitting in that room, claiming it. It's easier if the place is in the real world and not just pulled from the imagination. Or so they say. From the moment I saw this house I'm to move into, I saw that room dressed up with my big antique blending desk and antique perfume bottles on the built in shelving around the room. I saw the glass pocket doors thrown open, beckoning visitors to enter. I saw me in there. That was nearly a year ago, and now it's to become a reality. Positive thinking, and no slipping into snark for me, thank you.

I packed up my bottles of vetyver mitti and vetyver rose Edward. They were oozy, boozy and woody sweet, mouth watering and languid. I do so love vetyver (I've mentioned that before, yes?). I can hardly wait to unpack and set up shop. Those vetyvers are top priority for either a formulation project or some sort of bath tub goody -- a melt perhaps, or a fizzy bath ball. Something to make you dream prophetic dreams.

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