Saturday, January 21, 2012

Woe and French Macarons

My books, my perfume instructionals, were stolen off my porch, or perhaps mis-delivered, about a week ago. These books were long awaited, especially by the students who've been anticipating the evaluations' unit and base/perfume building sections of the course.

Though the past few months have been hard on me both financially and emotionally, I feel extremely fortunate and lucky to have such good friends and good luck (knock on wood) -- I feel blessed in many ways.


This book thing knocks me down. I feel what little credibility I've managed to build over the past few years is slowly draining away. It just sounds like one more lousy excuse for being irresponsible, and I'm not that person. The background on the books is stupid long, and just stupid -- first I was in revisions when the course started but I couldn't even think straight to get them done on time due to my personal life (damned personal life getting in the way of everything!) -- then the new publisher is so good they sticklered (not a word, I looked it up) me to death over details of the book for a good two months; then I moved and had no internet access for a month, then new roommates and adjustments came, then the holidays, then more revision of the books, then this -- the flippin' stolen books!

Now that I've finished whinging, I'll pull up my big girl pants and get to doing something constructive. The project (One Nose, One Year) is coming along beautifully. I ended up getting lost in frankincense, for the 1028th time in my life. I can't get enough of the stuff. It's like perfumer's crack! *

I think opening yourself up to smelling everything is a great lesson in life. It conjures memories like you wouldn't believe, while simultaneously creating new ones; it sparks the imagination and these 'ah ha!' moments come rushing in, overwhelming. There's a bakery up the street called Frosted that makes the most divine French macarons I have ever tasted. I could write volumes (yes, Proust) on the scent and flavor of those macarons -- salted caramel, raspberry, pomegranate wine, key lime, vanilla bean, pink champagne. Oh, and the textures! Scents have textures, yes! Imagine the macaron with its delicately brittle covering embracing a soft, gooey center that emits a mouthwateringly juicy berry scent, hints of vanilla and salt wafting up your nose, tickling your baser instincts. It just makes me want to hop up and down ~ ha!

Image by Frosted Cakery, Fresno, Ca.

*I mean no offense to anyone who has ever had a drug problem or a dear one involved in drugs. I thoroughly understand the heartbreak and devastation of addiction.

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