Saturday, October 20, 2012

Been Away For Too Long

I know, man, I get lazy and post pictures of stuff to keep you occupied while I do -- well, not much. No writing to be found. Sad. So, so sad.

But here I am, hot and sweaty and just in from the j-o-b translating and cleaning toilets and whatnot. We won't go into what exactly the 'whatnot' is ...

Then when I get a shower (in a bit here) I'll be off to the other other job to do some data entry, then home to burn some incense and veg -- that's the plan anyway.

Broke as a joke and happy as all hell I am! Oh, no, not because I'm broke, but because it just doesn't matter. I have what I need. What more can a person ask for? Oh, yeah, everything -- and binders of women to boot. No, I'm not going to go there.

The incense class last Saturday went swimmingly. Beautiful. Spiritual, really. And I didn't get a single damned picture or second of video! We just started and forgot to get the cameras and video going and about 10 minutes in the videographer came in and said, "Hey, do you want me to start now?" I was on a roll so I declined -- it was a private matter, this kyphi class. There were some really special students in the group (all of them) and we were having a moment during the class. I just love it when the room is in consensus -- everybody 'got' it, the spiritual bit of kyphi, and it wasn't something that I felt should be subject to public consumption. Having said that, I will be doing a demo video on the construction of kyphi within the coming weeks, along with a bit of text so anyone unable to make it to the class can at least see what we did, sans the praying and reverence and the multitude of hands stirring the pot. I promise it will be something worth watching.

I got another review for Lylli Bleu, my submission to the Primordial Scent Project, written by the lovely Diana Wiener Rosengard on her blog, Feminine Things.  I meant to post a comment there but every time I tried the robot catcher kept telling me the code I was typing in was incorrect -- about 10 times in a row, so I wasn't able to leave her a comment -- sorry Diana! Here is what I wrote to her on Facebook:

Such intense memories, vivid and enrapturing. I truly felt the moment. Thank you for the review of Lylli Bleu -- it pleases me that all the water elementals you received manage to embody aspects of water with which you find a connection. It is difficult to do, and you're absolutely correct about most water scents smelling very little like water. It takes a project like Primordial Scents to get perfumers to dig deep and create scents with soul. Thank you again for supporting the artisan/niche cause. Blessings.

I'll try to write scents more. Right now I'm more concerned with that shower ...

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