Friday, October 26, 2012

Sage Wands and Herbalariums

I've gotten rid of Artfire as a primary site for selling my perfume and other products. I just wasn't happy with it. I've set my sights back onto Etsy for now, then as I slowly build my website up by adding new perfumes, I suppose I will sell only those discontinued perfumes on Etsy. Etsy drives me mad, but it works. And now Facebook is charging to add feed you want your subscribers to read, which is so not going to happen for me. So I'm getting Twitter-pated. All my short blurbs are going to be there on Twitter, links to blogs, sales, giveaways, et cetera.

I got my hands on some primo white sage grown by my friend in her garden herbalarium. She grows just about everything and when it's harvest time, I offer my services for trade. The sage was bundled into wands and is selling at the Etsy shop. Also have about two quarts of lavender buds I need to deal with. I'm thinking of doing a little tea blending for the holidays ...

Anyway, I have more projects going now than a person can shake a stick at, and I'm running on fumes at the moment -- not perfumes, but energy -- not getting goodly amounts of sleep and I can feel myself stressing over the coming holidays. I've been burning a lot of incense to alleviate the stress, but stress is a creepy creature, tightening the neck and shoulder muscles even while sleeping, foretelling doom and disaster in ominous dreams. Hence the no sleeping.

I'm hoping after a few cups of Earl Grey saffron tea my outlook changes for the better.

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