Monday, October 08, 2012

Clean Mantelshelf, Clean Spirit

The weekend was spent in clearing out the rubbish. I began rather without a compass, as my destination was meant to be the two main closets in the 'hallway' of the big house, but I ended up beginning elsewhere, the main room and expanded out from there, in willy-nilly fashion, even ending up in the garage for a spell. I worked slowly and meticulously, as I never do, and took great care in dusting and wiping down the heirlooms. It felt so good once complete (though the floors are in dire need of attention, and one closet remains untouched), so I burned a tiny bit of Golden Kyphi to bless the space and this morning the room feels open and inviting, happy. I think this is me getting ready for the kyphi class this upcoming Saturday. I have to be in a spiritual frame of mind for the class to work the way I would like it to work.

It's been a rough month. Lots of latecoming summer bills that drained my pocketbook and lots of people in need who I cannot refuse. In that respect, I am my own worst enemy. That's all that needs to be said about that.

The soap is finally done. Yes, in between the dusting and dragging and folding and bagging, I managed to squeeze in an hour or so to whip up a small batch of -- I don't know what -- fall happiness, I suppose. I want to call it October (the soap). It's beautiful, and pumpkin and spice free. I used a lot of rice bran oil in it, something I haven't used in years, and I'm pleased with how it has turned out. Super fragrant with soft, lush bubbles. Lots of coconut cream in there as well. It has a few days left to set up and cure and I hope to post it on Etsy within a week or so.

I was sad to see the state of the back garden. The soil back there has been leeched of its nutrients over the years from constant sprinklering (is that a word ...?) and before anything good can be grown, it needs lots of mulching and chicken poo and tlc and turning. The mints -- remember the mints I wrote about in the spring? -- well, all but the pineapple have been dessicated by those ugly little green worms. I made a garlic spray for the mint some months ago and that worked, but 'people' 'round here have a problem with upkeep and it's left to me, ultimately, to take care of these things -- not easy with three out of the house jobs, and one home business, plus still being chauffeur and part-time nanny and chef and ... well, I can't be on top of everything, I'd never get any sleep! I also found out why my pumpkin plants stopped thriving a few months back -- they, fortunately, are living up against a fence where they get plenty of nutrients leaking in from the neighbor's chicken run so they were actually looking lovely and budding flowers everywhere -- one of the new tenants upstairs had a large puppy, a bloodhound I think it was, and he/she (the puppy) when let loose to do her 'business' ran through all the garden, her enormous bear paws tearing up everything as she raced back and forth along the fence and back through the cucumbers (who also died) and corn (who also died) and green beans (who also -- you got it -- died). Said unnamed puppy has been placed elsewhere because the new tenant was mortified her dog did so much damage in a single trip to the toilet.


  1. I did some cleaning over weekend as well, and I am so looking forward to my Kyphi coming in the mail. I am the same way I can never say no to people when at the same time I have it worst than them.

  2. I figure it's good karma in the long run to give when we're down to our last penny. I mean, what are we going to do with a penny anyway (metaphorically speaking)? Besides, when my penny's gone, I hope someone out there would be willing to reach out a hand to help me when I most need it. It's just being a good human, don't you think? Cleaning things out and getting rid of stuff, even those things we hold dear or used to hold dear, is good for the spirit. A burden lifted.

    1. So true on the cleaning it sure makes the place feel good almost new, like you know when you move into a new space. On the last penny, the thing with me is I don’t like to ask people for anything even when I need it badly because I am like why will I ask you when I know you need it too.



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