Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Perfumer's Cookbook Volume I

So I decided a long time ago to put all the food recipes I've come up with using perfumery ingredients into a cookbook, but the original notebook for such recipes has gone missing, perhaps permanently, due to the changes that have occurred over the past 12 months. I scrambled around and found a few loose paper notes with recipes, plus I pulled a few from the blog, and I created a couple of new ones which have never seen the light of day in print until now. Oh, until now -- yes, the first volume of the cookbooks is done and published. It should be for sale on Amazon in a week or so *it already is on Amazon! There are eight food recipes and one soap recipe. Volume II will be a slightly different concept and those recipes are being tested throughout the holidays and into the beginning of 2013. I am hoping that once the ball gets rolling, the number of recipes within each volume increases with no increase, or very little increase, in the cost of each book.

Special thanks to Lisa C. for the kalamata and patchouli dream -- a few months later, several experiments later, a few tweaks here and there, and I actually was able to create something deliciously edible.


  1. I never knew you had a soap making book, it’s the one thing i was always afraid to try and make. I will be getting the book and overcoming my fears.

  2. I have published a simple soapmaking primer which will get beginners started making good soap from day one, if the directions are followed to the gram :) I've published other soapmaking books in the past but no longer sell those. I'm contemplating putting together a comprehensive soapmaking book adding in all the soap formulations that I've thrown together over the past 16 years.



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