Friday, November 02, 2012

Day 84 ~ One Year, One Nose

This one is for you. A bar of October Super Fragrant Soap and a bottle of The Scented Djinn parfum goes to the winner of the random draw ~ describe your discoveries to the following exercise in the comments section of this blog to enter.

Smell everything. Keep a mental log of the most interesting things you smelled and write about them in the comments section of the Oh, True Apothecary! blog.

Example: Smell the clothes you slept in when you wake up; smell the coffee smile (or tea or milk or whatever you drink with breakfast) ; smell the clean clothes you put on before beginning your day; smell your hands; smell the air when you step outside for the first time that day; smell your car keys, the interior of your car (or bus or train); smell the office where you work, or the classroom, or the cafe; try to smell what perfumes other people are wearing and describe them; smell flowers and plants, leaves and twigs; smell your hands again to see if they smell different now than they did before --- and so on throughout the day until you go to bed.


  1. Sadly a cold finally got the better of me, so the sniffer is pretty much out of commission, but it didn't start overwhelming me until Friday evening, so I started the day off with a shower, and the salty herby neti pot water that I was adding a tincture of chaparral, calendula, and a few other herbs in hopes of avoiding the cold. Definitely very resinous smell from the tincture. Checked my clothes while getting dressed, the smelt a little stale, even though washed earlier in the week. I guess thats what I get for not using dryer sheets, but personally I'd rather smell the perfumes or colognes, not a dryer sheet. I got mail that day, including a package from Skye Botanicals with my DevilScent Perfume Lotion bar, which smelt amazing. Even the cardboard packaging was ripe with woody, mossy, slightly spicey scent! It was quite enjoyable. I went to physical therapy, so a very clean antispectic hospital scent there. I needed some alone time from the roommates, so I went to Starbucks for a steamed milk with vanilla. Overwhelming coffee scent, of course. Friday I made tacos for dinner, so a very spicey cuminy scent filled the kitchen. And when I needed some down time in the evening since my time at starbucks was interrupted, I went into my little perfume/herb room and heated some incense on an electric heater, Ross Uerre's Agarwood/Ambergris/Spice/Musk blend. That was my first time breaking it out and trying it, and it was divine. The agarwood really shined through, with a sweet resinous honey smell. Those were the scents that made the most impact to me on Friday! Not as fun as a summer day in the botanical gardens, but a great exercise none the less! Thanks for the reminder to stop and smell the roses, or the other scents of the day, what ever they may be!


  2. Sat. Nov 3, 2012
    Smell & Tell

    Woke up 8:27am no smell stuffy nose

    8:50am faint hints of smell are coming my way, they are cleaning the living room and i could smell man made version of what ocean breeze smells like overly fresh and clean and it burns my nose a bit.

    8:57am Used the soap in the bathroom to wash my hands "fresh pick pomegranate" I use to eat these allot in Jamaica and i don’t recall them having any scent, anyways its overly sweet, in your face and fake smelling it's from the BBW don’t judge me it was on sale.

    9:01am i have to oil up my hands every time i wash them or else i won’t feel complete. So now i am back to my earthy scent this one says it has rose neroli and helichrysum in it but i did not smell any rose nor neroli and i've never smelled helichrysum so i am guessing that this is what it smells like cannot describe it but the fake pomegranate is putting up a fight.

    9:05am i can smell my skin now clean light zest of orange with a faint hint or oregano, my pillow smells like oil that's about to go ranched in 2 days "time to change sheets anyone" my nightgown "sound so fancy" smells stronger than that of my body more orange/oregano. The mouth of my bottle water smells like carrots “don’t ask why".

    11:03 Still in bed blogging and i can smell my bed side beeswax candle in the air with an underline of ylang ylang, borderline furniture cleaning smell.

    12:09pm took a shower soap smells like cedar wood, towel smells like flowers and my skin is now a soft woodsy scent my cloth have no smell to them but i sure smelled good orange body butter, sandalwood deo, and vetiver rose perfume oil.

    12:37pm my make up smells like an emu's butt LOL, i am out the door and on the road my brothers car seat smells like stale sweet, the air on the turnpike smells like tar.

    1:15pm my hair smells like my house eucalyptus mint plug in and oily you know it’s about time to wash it. The air smells like burnt cloths like when the iron is too hot. My dad complex smells like cement and wood (i like that smell) and my dad house smells like they were cooking rice.

    3pm at the mall ever store had its own unique smell going on.

    7pm at a house party the smell of Indian food spice and curry they use this one spice to cook i cannot put my fingers on it.

    11 pm i smell sweaty natural deo gave up a long time ago from all that dancing i did not go to bed until 6 in the morning and i did not remember anything about smelling but i did remember smelling like chlorine from taking a mid night dip in the pool.

  3. Great comments! Thank you for playing.

  4. Did you pick a winner?

    1. Oh, yes! Sorry, I did pick both of you, and I was waiting for the newest soap to cure, and I suppose it has. So I'll package those up and mail them off to you both. Thanks for participating!

  5. I will have wonderful smelly stuff when I get back from vacation. Thank You



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