Sunday, November 25, 2012

The New Tattoo

I said I would, and I did. Get the tattoo I've been thinking about for months and months. I know, it's a little unorthodox, but it works for me. My reasons are my own, no explanations necessary.

That bit on the left there is bandage debris -- that was the toughest bandage I've ever encountered, it really didn't want to let go!

Now that the house has emptied out of holiday visitors, it's time to get to work. I've packaging and 'creating' to do, with the help from a slice of pumpkin pie.

Bonne odeur!


  1. nice it looks so vibrant and alive

  2. I drew it out and the tattoo artist did the hard work. It's healing now and doesn't look quite so nice as the picture, but it will look nice again soon enough.



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