Friday, January 04, 2013

Day 85 ~ One Year, One Nose

I had to check which day I was on -- all this time, since the last OYON post in November, I've been thinking I was on day 87 or so -- wishful thinking on my part.

So here we are, day 85, and I have again received a box of aromatic goodies from far, far away. Not really that far, but farther than I can ride my bike.

I am dumbstruck by guiacwood, Albert Vielle, lot 24917, origin Paraguay, date 3/2007. This is the essence for day 85.

I have other examples of guiacwood and they all seem to be more on the leathery side, smoky, robust, dark, reminiscent of a tobacconist's shop. But not this guiacwood. It's sweet and floral, like waxy, buttery tuberoses, a hint of delicate pink rose, a drop of spicy carnation upon a bed of soft, creamy suede. I've read this particular material being described as tarry, leathery, smoky, harsh -- but I'm not getting that here. This guiac pops, it fizzes, it rolls out of the bottle like a lush carpet of heady florals with a hint of cassia and the most delicate of smoky tones.

I shall hoard guiacwood A.V. #24917.

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