Thursday, January 31, 2013

Only 936 Hits Away!

Believe it or not, your humble apothecary is only 936 page hits away from 100,000 hits total for this silly little blog. That's celebration worthy, no? I'll have to think of something spectacular to celebrate -- giveaways? Free classes? Well, it is a way off, now isn't it? That 936 could take a year . . .

In the meantime -- I've just come off a week of the flu. Yes. I got the bug. First time in years. Misery and anti-emetics prevailed. I can honestly say I have not been this ill since I was a child. There were moments when I literally wanted to dig out of my skin and lay raw somewhere else besides in that sick body. I slept 36 hours straight, then another 16 after being awake only eight hours, my head burning from the inside out, my stomach in knots, my skin prickly and chilled.

So now that it's over, or very nearly over, I am ever so grateful to awaken to sunny skies and my lovely window garlic stretching for light, my car is mobile once again, I have a job, and aside from the bout with the flu, I am relatively healthy. Good things, all of them.

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