Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Soap

We woke extra early this morning, especially for a weekend. So I conducted my usual morning ritual ~ set up the teapot, warmed the honey, and sat down in front of this thing, the computer, in hopes of finding inspiration, and realized for 1,297th time that it's not here. For some reason which I cannot pinpoint, Facebook was especially depressing, except for the bit of magic posted by Patrick Contreras regarding his educational tour of Senegal. That was nice. But everything else seemed hollow, self-aggrandizing, infommercial-ish. So I made soap instead of recklessly following links and came up with a little number I like to call Nine Heavens Alchemy, a simple soap base formulation of just pure extra virgin organic olive oil and virgin organic coconut oil, into which I poured a lovely aged perfumery formulation of musk root, patchouli absolute, labdanum absolute, ginger root, ginger lily, jasmine sambac, saffron absolute, frangipani, rose otto, petitgrain combava and bergamot and a wee bit of coconut milk to give it that lovely slide. Smells like -- well, nine heavens! Please, no snarky remarks about the familiar yet odd design atop the soap ~ ha!

Now we're off to shower and then we're prowling the Tower -- the thrift store beckons ...

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