Saturday, March 02, 2013

Meditations in Scent

Turn off the iPod, shut off the television, turn down the music -- when your brain is engaged with other senses, you fail to pick up on the scents that are all around you. A meditation on scent is a good way to start the day. If you have a monclin, use it, if not, use a wineglass -- each morning upon rising, stretch, open a window and let in the sun (or the rain or the wind) then sit some place quiet and grab a diluted raw material (don't look at what it is) drop a single drop into the bottom of the wineglass and set it down in front of you, inhale, exhale, breathe deeply at least 10 times, then lift the wineglass to your nose (don't stick your face in the glass) and gently inhale while moving the glass slowly under your nose. Allow whatever imagery, words, emotions you have float in and float out of your consciousness. Journal if you care to, or not. The point is to contemplate the scent under no pressure to evaluate or identify. Enjoy it.

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