Friday, March 15, 2013

New Stuff!

Okay, so the blood orange hydrosol isn't so new, but it's running low and I don't know when I'll restock -- that means I don't know when I'll find more good blood oranges and distill them. I have about two 4-oz bottles left with a bit of dregs which I'm keeping for myself. This is hand distilled hydrosol with all the essential oils left in -- and since it is distilled and not cold-pressed, there is little issue with sun sensitization. So spritz away.

Also put up a new solid perfume. Since the world's gone crazy with the cursed milliliters of alcohol being shipped here and there, I'm formulating and reformulating into oils and solids -- lovely perfume and body oils, and intensely scented perfume sticks and balms. The new solid perfume is in a stick tube which I find pretty convenient. I don't mess my fingers with dabbing it out of a tin or a jar, which is great because I spend the bulk of my day typing and having sticky, oily fingers slapping at the keys all day is irritating. With this new perfume solid, you just pull off the cap, adjust the perfume level and start rubbing it in.

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