Friday, September 20, 2013

Kyphi & Frankincense

After all that weirdness from yesterday, the oncoming panic attack, the growing mess here with boxes and packing peanuts and shredded paper, and a very unexpected invasion of houseflies, I was able to calm down with a little help from a big bowl of pho, a bloody Mary, and some persistent burning of frankincense and Red Kyphi. It's all good now.

I'm loading up some things tonight and taking them over to the newish house. I'm going to spend some time near the sea to kind of decompress from this whatever it is. Then it's back to the grindstone Monday AM to train a few people in what I do so I can leave a feeble legacy of sorts. Honestly, I have no guilt whatsoever about any of this. I will miss, however. I will miss very, very much.

Next week also brings more packing, and I'm going to focus on the studio now that the garage/shed is nearly done. Most of what was in the garage/shed was trashed anyway, having already been scattered and sorted by the zombies who do such things. We put some clean, nicely folded, though somewhat storage-musty, sleeping bags and blankets out near the dumpster and they were gone the next morning. The zombies come in fits and stops -- two at a time, a single, a small group, some with rattling shopping carts, others with wagons, a few with backpacks on bicycles, all taking their turn at what treasure they might find in the trash, and this goes on through the night so that by morning the dumpster is half empty, and trash is lying about outside of the dumpster (that part ticks me off). I think the gardeners here clean it up, but what a pain in the ass when the tenants here definitely store their trash inside the dumpsters. No shame in dumpster diving unless you make a mess of things.

I feel like I missed the harvest moon, but I had to do what I had to do to get myself back to rights -- soup, a little alcohol, some incense, a good book, and an early night. That could pass as a mini-celebration. 

I'm planning to leave this house with all sorts of good mojo. I've put together a few things, procured a few things, and will be implementing them into the final clean-up here. No negativity shall enter. I just feel like my spirit needs this to move on. I have no bad feelings about my space here, but I can't say the same for the entire upstairs. Bad mojo up there. Maybe some of what I do down here will float up to them.

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