Tuesday, September 03, 2013

This morning the air is crisp, cool, and, dare I say it? Fall like? The summer hasn't been particularly brutal, no more so than it ever is here in the central valley, but I'm so tired of it. I think about how horrible it will be when it arrives, and I begin to think about it in November! At the beginning of winter, I'm freaking out about how miserable it is during summer instead of enjoying the weather I have at the moment. Another reason I enjoy the cooler weather is because it heralds the beginning of body butter season. Yes, there is a season for natural body butter-making. I keep thinking that perhaps this year I will focus on creating two fabulous butters, only two. A gorgeous woody santal and patchouli and cedar and frankincense and myrrh and carrot seed and a touch of jasmine butter, and a floral bomb of a butter, ylang-ylang, jasmines, roses, gardenia, lemon, bergamot, 'violet' -- something -- something super floral and gorgeous. And then that will be it for butters because trying to create a multitude of different scents, I've found out about myself, makes for a multitude of mediocre butters. And I may offer custom butter formulations as well, but we shall see how the season unfolds.

I've done a fair bit of poking about the 'net the past few nights between first sleep and second sleep, and found (probably through Facebook) a few cool 'things' that inspire. The first one is this:


Custom laser cut soap stamps -- your logo, your motto, your symbol, your thumbprint -- whatever you want to have as your mark, you can get it done here fairly inexpensively. At the moment I'm using a frog stamp, which, I've been told by my Portuguese speaking friends, is appropriate since my yahoo user name is sapobubbles and sapo in Portuguese is toad. So ~ toad bubbles. Uh-huh. Besides, I love amphibians. Have I made enough excuses for using a frog stamp on my soaps yet? Ok? Moving along.

Next is this, Kathy Baker's homegrown business, Farmer Kathy's.

Farmer Kathy's is right here in Fresno, and it just makes me happy to see something wonderful coming out of Fresno. And if you happen to live in one of the states that supports the home bakery/food business, then it's good news for you if you're handy with a whisk and a mixing bowl and need to make a few bucks to fill in the fiscal gaps.

My collaboration partner has given the thumbs up on the head notes formulation, so I will be moving on to the heart notes now. I really should be packing, but . . .

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