Lavender Kyphi Supreme ~ The Fussing

Eight days. It's taken eight days to grind, stir, soak, melt, and mix the first batch of lavender themed kyphi. Now the fussing begins. Officially, 'the fussing' is the bit where the kyphi maker adds more to the mix -- a smidge of lavender bud here, a sprinkling of rose petals there, a handful of powdered Sumatran benzoin, a few drops of spike lavender, a drop or two of elemi oil. Then wait. Days. A week. Perhaps a month, and then more fussing and drying and tempering the kyphi until it's just right. All the while, the kyphi dries, becoming clay-like, binding up, and changing scent. It's like working a sculpture, always changing, always needing something more, bending to the will of the muse who comes in dreams and whispers, "Wouldn't it be divine if you put a little more myrrh in the mix? Perhaps that lovely old vintage opoponax resin?" The job is to not go too far astray from the theme. Keep the lavender intact, but add and add and add all those lovely elements that make it kyphi, until it smolders, flameless, dark eyes under heavy lids staring up, and breathes, "Done."

Boswellias serrata and carteri with pine resin in mortar
Close up of frankincense & pine
Sifting powdered resins from the whole
Back into the mortar it goes
Honey and boswellia and pine resins set to boil
Up close -- not pretty but smells divine
Herbs, resins, wine & fruit with myrrh powder
Boiling honey and resins
One hour later
Close up
Kyphi pre-'the fussing'


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