Saturday, March 22, 2014

Waiting For the Coffee to Kick In

I have big plans in the works, but today I just can't get motivated. I'm planning to whip up a small batch of soap using some of that vintage lemongrass oil from Mane that I was gifted. The operative word here is 'planning'. I just can't get moving today. It's a beautiful spring day on the central coast, the sun is shining, the wind is blowing lightly across the hillsides, the flowers are bursting everywhere -- yesterday I saw a rockrose in full, glorious bloom -- but I am feeling lazy and slow. Since it is spring and everything is blooming, my allergies have been going at it with my sinuses. I've done a good job of irrigating (neti pot) and keeping things clear, but at night the allergies thwart all efforts at getting a good night's sleep, so I popped a couple sleep-inducing allergy pills before bed last night and slept -- and slept, and slept, and slept some more, at least two hours beyond what I normally sleep. And I went to bed early for a change! Anyway, the effects of those little pink pills is a lingering lethargy that even a good cup of Colombian coffee can't overcome. At least my head is clear and the headache I've been battling with for a week has taken a hiatus.

So The Scented Djinn, Justine, natural perfume school, perfumer/teacher/writer news of the day is as follows (if you're interested):

The natural perfume course has been delayed another month. We are still taking applications through April 21, 2014. The delay is due to something technical which I don't understand, something about servers and domains and whatnot. Well beyond my pay grade, that.

I'm planning (there's that word again) to teach a kyphi making class back home in Fresno in May. No solid date has been chosen as yet, but we're working on it. After that, I'd like to teach a kyphi class here in Atascadero if I can find a venue. The tea shop is a good choice. We shall see. Must drum up interest there. Well, I kind of sort'a already have. I went into the tea shop yesterday to get a cuppa anxiety reducing tea, which I credit to those bad nights of no sleep, and I brought in a bag of goodies for the owner, Shannon, to sniff. I had promised her a month ago that I'd bring in some special fumey things for her to smell and yesterday was an opportunity. Anyway, there were a couple of other customers in the shop when I arrived, so I just sat back and eavesdropped on their conversations, which at some point they included me in -- it's like a bar, this tea shop, minus the slobbering drunks, people come in and sip tea and discuss their life's trials with other people they barely know -- which is kind of cool. Atascadero, and the central coast in general, is like no where else I've ever been. Everyone, barring a few jerks, is friendly to a fault, always striking up conversations and asking about how your day is -- and they mean it. I digress. So I'm sitting in the tea shop and when I have an opportunity to speak to Shannon for a moment, I tell her I've brought her some show-and-tell items. The crowd gathers -- well, it was really just one other person, but what a person it was! First I whip out the pot of pink lotus wax, which induced rolled up eyes and near swoons, and multiple sniffs and the passing back and forth of the pot -- can you tell how much I love this type of reaction? I do so very, very much. I feel I am in the presence of kindred spirits when they behave this way. Next I took out a small packet of helichrysm wax, which got a more dramatic response than the pink lotus did. Next came the co-distillation (mine) of rose geranium and luban I made a few years back, which now has melded into a distinct scent of its own -- green, rosy frankincense -- the other person there started telling me she was getting flashes of a shop or studio with high windows and wood trim, with nooks and crannies full of aromatic gems. It turns out she was describing my old studio in the Van Ness house! Scary, eh? Next I whipped out the rare and beautiful bottle of organic Uttar Pradesh rose otto circa 2008, at which point the psychic person said, "You're going to open a shop and share these things." Just like that. She even told me where my shop would be. Now, mind you, I had not mentioned my desire to open a shop here to anyone in that room. I began describing the type of shop I wanted to open, and the psychic person's smile got broader and broader until she said, "I'm getting goosebumps. This is going to happen. You have to do everything you can to make this happen." So...

Here's to dreams and beautifully scented futures.

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