Thursday, July 09, 2015

263 Warm Bodies -- or Bots?

You aren't going to believe this, but this blog is only 263 hits away from 200,000 hits -- and the hits keep coming! Not that anyone is reading the content . . .

I've been working diligently on the new book, putting more of my voice in there, more of my anecdotal 'evidence' in the works. I'm told that anecdotal evidence is crap in nearly all cases, but I can't talk about yours, or the perfumer's who lives 200 miles away, or something I read in a book but have never applied, can I? That's all just regurgitation. First-hand experience teaches a person more than what can be got from a book, so if I say, 'this is what I did and if you want it to work for you like it appears to have worked for me, you might consider doing it the way I did it too' we may get somewhere. And then you're free to develop your own anecdotal evidence of successful processes.

I'm off to write more poo diddly in the book -- or hopefully not write poo diddly, but gems of wisdom, yeah?

Until next time

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