Saturday, July 25, 2015

Once again, I'm left to mull over another bad review. To be honest, this is only the third one, but to date it is the most annoying. Dear anyone who leaves a review of anything, please explain the reasons for your dissatisfaction -- saying "don't buy! waste of time! lost my money!" helps absolutely no one in either deciding to buy or not, choosing to waste their time or not, or losing their money or remembering they can get a refund within 30 days of purchase. Yes, I inserted the teeniest bit of snark in there. Explain why YOU think someone else shouldn't buy it, waste their time with it, or lose their money on it. Explain. This helps me as well on improving what can be improved. If, however, what you bought from me wasn't what you expected based upon your not reading the description of said product, then that's entirely on you. If what you bought wasn't what you expected because I misrepresented myself, then yes, my bad, allow me try to fix it first, and then if that doesn't work, feel free to leave your bad review written in a way that explains your dissatisfaction -- the whys of it all. That turned personal very quickly-- hehehehehehe.

I finished the initial formulating of the new perfume and am waiting a few weeks before attempting to tweak it. Right now some of the notes are a little raw, but I know from experience that they will settle down and the ones that I want to come to the fore will, while those that I want to hide a bit will do just that. I'm always hesitant to begin a new piece of work because I fear I'll screw it up and waste materials. I really do hate wasting materials, especially now that I'm attempting to downsize to the barest minimum and can't afford to buy a bunch of new stuff -- finding places to put it all is becoming a chore. I did finally manage to clean out the storage closet in the studio and I made a lot of 'new' space for stuff by categorizing and putting things in bins, but there's lots more to do. I've got a bin that's full of stuff that I might never use, but I keep it . . . well, I suppose because I'm an aromatics hoarder! I never know when I might need something strange and unusual to toss into a formulation -- and that bin is brimming with weird stuff I've never heard of before. Strange wood oils from Australia, leaf oils from South Africa, spice oils from India -- I'd give more details on the oils, but the bin is put up in the storage closet, and, well, y'know, it's a pain to drag it all out. Hog root! Hog root is one of the oils I have. What is it? I've seen it listed as lovage on vodou websites, but beyond that, I don't know. Not sure if it's even the same vodou 'hog root' as I'm assuming it wasn't manufactured by a Mambo in her hounfour, but by an essential oil company in steel distillation units. It remains unevaluated.

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