Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Kyphi Workshop, a Vlogger, and Chuck Leonard, KAIL, Channel 53 & The Central Valley Buzz!

It has been a roller coaster of events this past weekend for me and my posse. I'm joking -- I don't really have a posse. It was mostly just me and my friend Shannon, proprietress of Seasons of Spirit botanical gardens and gift shop in Sanger, CA. Anywho, the Kyphi Workshop was fabulous despite the fact that a few people I was looking forward to hobnobbing with were unfortunately unable to make it -- maybe next time? We had about a dozen folks show up for the workshop and everyone was chattering among themselves, asking questions, grinding herbs and resins in mortars, and generally having a good time. It was more of a community gathering than a strict teaching gig. One of the attendees took some video for her YouTube channel to make a 'newscast' type vlog post about the Kyphi Workshop -- more info about that later as it won't be ready for public consumption for a few more weeks. The Kyphi itself turned out beautifully, completely infused with good vibes and great positive energy. And I was asked to appear on a local TV talk show called The Central Valley Buzz with Chuck Leonard (Channel 53, KAIL, Fresno, CA) and I agreed even though that type of thing is so far out of my comfort zone and I felt completely unprepared. I have this new philosophy about my life and that is to live it. Jump into the deep end of the pool without the floaties, I say, because joy and accomplishment won't appear if you're just sitting on the side of the pool wishing for the fear to subside. Sometimes you have to look at fear and say, "Get lost!" Or something more strongly worded, preferably something with profanity.

So I did the TV show and I looked like a goober doing it, but I did it. Me, ol' Miss Melt in a Puddle of Fear, sat on a comfy chair and talked mad gobs of crap about Kyphi and natural perfumery and soap making to the host, Chuck Leonard -- I stumbled, lost my train of thought, my mouth dried up and I looked like a horse chewing gum trying to wet my lips, I blushed, I waved my hands around like a crazy person -- but I did it. Me - 1; Hurdle - 0.

It airs today (September 22, 2015) from 12-1PM on Channel 53, KAIL, seen through the great state of CA from Modesto to Bakersfield (about 200,000 viewers thereabouts) and in a few weeks I'm hoping it'll be up on YouTube for your comedy entertainment (I'll post a link so we can all laugh at me together). There are opportunities to go back on the show, for which I think I am going to take advantage, but I'll be more prepared and I'll take more stuff to share now that I know what it's like. I'll still be as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, but I'll do it.

It was a fun, exhausting, and productive weekend and I can't wait to do it again.

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