Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Soap List -- She is Growing

So this is what I got so far -- a batch of smoky, pitchy, piney, resinous goodness; a batch of straight up Kyphi incense soap (those lovely dark bars), and a batch of herbal yumminess in the form of a spike lavender, palmarosa, myrtle, and wee bits of vanilla soap. All very fragrant, all made with organic oils, including hemp seed, all made chunky and big. The next batch on the list is the Poppymint, then sunflower (if I can pull it off), and then maybe something with pink lotus in it, perhaps a little red champa for 'sparkle', and a dollop of cananga to deepen and sweeten the soap. Then something else after that. Maybe. I'm a little rusty in the soap making department having not made any in a couple of months, and then none before that for even longer. I really should make an effort to make soap at least once or twice a month just to keep the skills honed.

I did write a bit yesterday, mostly a couple of recipes I was working on. The book is coming along, however, the plodding pace is beginning to wear me down. To my own credit, there is much more black print than red these days. When I started, the entire thing was a mash of red notes and outlines to flesh out at a later date. Once I got the pace the book writing was setting, I was able to fall in and get more work done. But still. It's just taking forever.

While doing some research, I found this diagram in a book written in 1917 entitled 'Sex and Sex Worship (Phallic Worship)' by Otto Augustus Wall. The source of the diagram was just as surprising and intriguing as the diagram itself, which outlines Piesse's Odophone in use.

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