Friday, May 06, 2016

It's Moving Day

Today is the day. All their boxes are packed, the trailer is on reserve at the moving company, the i's are dotted, the t's crossed. We leave at 2 to make the drive across the hills back to the valley and into their new lives. I get an early Mother's Day gift in the form of a little five-year-old who will be traveling back with us and staying for a few days while her mum and step-dad prep their new home. Daughter wants to set up the wee one's bedroom with her new bed, put her posters on the wall, and set out her toy boxes so the move for her is as easy as it can be. We've all noticed her attitude has been a bit off since she received the news of the move. Things like this can affect children in all sorts of ways; for the wee one, it's manifested as easily hurt feelings and lots of time spent at the desk painting abstract scenes. We're all trying to show her that even though the day-to-day will change, the big picture is the same. She's safe. She's loved, and her parents would do almost anything to make her happy. And so would her grandparents. If you had any inkling as to what she's been through this past year, you'd understand how especially important (as normally important in any child's life) those things are to her.

Yesterday I finished up a few things. I finally diluted the master formula of F12016CH. I'm going to set it aside until late June before evaluating and determining if it needs some manipulation. It seems my patience these last few months has improved -- I can actually wait for a project 'to become', and sometimes even forget that I have something brewing. It's primarily because I've got a few things brewing at the same time. And I was able to dilute/tincture a few unctuous elements that needed careful handling. I'm also gathering incense materials at an almost alarming rate (alarming to my bank account, mostly) -- little bits of this and bags of that. I'll stop when I'm satisfied I have enough to keep me busy compounding throughout the summer.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have some things on the burners that will be released this summer -- I've taken the long road on a project that could have easily been finished by now had I purchased all the raw materials instead of brewing them. But brew I do. It's the alchemy of the thing. It's about provenance and creating something exquisite from the ground up. It's about knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, a thing is real. You're going to laugh when you find out what it is, and then, hopefully, you're going to love it.

Lylli's Petals is also receiving some attention, mostly from other perfumers who think it's grand that a little girl is being taught the art of perfumery at such a young age. I plan on sneaking in a LOT of teaching moments during her formulating sessions. She won't even notice she's being trained. The truth is, she's been in training, in a peripheral sort of way, since she was born. She spent her early months in a carrier in the studio, watching me pore over formulas, tincturing, weighing, evaluating. She spent her toddler-hood attempting to break into the studio to lie on the rug in the middle of the room and look at all the pretty bottles lined up everywhere. She spent days at my knee, watching, squirming, lightly touching, as I wrote notes, tested perfumes, ground herbs. A month ago she was helping with the hyacinth enfleurage, and it was then that I noticed how seriously she took the work, and what a steady and delicate (gloved) hand she has with the materials. When we were working on Honeysuckle Rose, she was patient and studious, sniffing everything before adding it, counting drops (even though we were weighing everything), and being very aware of how careful she needed to be. She truly enjoys the work. There may come a day when she becomes bored with it, but until then, I'm here to guide her hands.

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