Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Just a Quick Note

Just a quick note here (maybe) -- I'm feeling the hay fever in ways that I can hardly describe. I'm in misery. It kicked into high gear yesterday when I began a batch of incense and forgot to wear my face mask. Yes, folks, you HAVE to wear a face mask when grinding herbs and resins or you're more likely as not to have a reaction in your sinuses from breathing in all the powdery dust created. I don't know why I thought I'd be okay, because in the past I've NEVER been okay to not wear a mask while grinding. I suppose it was my enthusiasm taking over, making me reckless and stupid. I was already suffering from just regular old normal hay fever from the oaks and honeysuckle and olives blooming, but I guess I thought I wasn't suffering enough. My eyes are nearly swollen shut (though on an up note, all the baggy eye wrinkles are gone) and my sinuses literally burn.

A couple of projects were begun yesterday; one incense, and one scent formulation for lotions. I'm also writing down the bones for a couple of perfumes for Lylli's Petals. We had a meeting her last visit and she agreed that the peach perfume should be completed before the rose perfume. She seemed genuinely intrigued by a lily-of-the-valley perfume too, and she indicated she'd like a marshmallow perfume some time in the future. So those are on the list for this summer. AND I have a special request for re-batches of Serj, Oshiba, and a custom perfume -- this customer wants 'barrels' of these scents for future use. And speaking of barrels, I've been on the hunt for used wine barrels to use in the production of apple cider vinegar for the skincare toners. What I hope to do is pick apples in the fall at one of the many local organic apple farms, and use them in a single, very large batch of apple cider vinegar to be used throughout the year. Now that I'm working on in-home studio space, and potentially off-site studio space, I'll have plenty of room for these larger, though still quite small in industrial terms, projects.

As I am prone to feats of derring-do, I plan to take a walk today in the direction of the second-hand store in search of another herb grinder (coffee grinder), in the swirling, twirling, pollen-filled wind blowing through the mountains. Wish me luck that I don't die from an accident brought on by a sneezing jag. I might sneeze myself off the curb and into the street, and be crushed under the wheels of a toddler on a tricycle cruising down the bike lane with his mother Jane and his dog Spot.

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