Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Out of Lavender Oil!

Continuing on with the tea shop soaps, I discovered as I was gathering everything to create the scent formulation for the Lavender Earl Grey Tea Soap that I am completely out of true lavender oil. I have spike and the absolute of lavandula angustifolia, but no oil to be found (easily). I think somewhere in the Harry Potter Closet is a box of just lavender oils that I received as samples from a grower in Texas, and then more of lavenders I ordered from Samara Botane some years ago, but I can't find them just yet. The best thing about being a perfumer and a soap maker is that when nice oils reach their date of expiration for use in perfumery, they can be tossed into a batch of soap no problem.

The guys are working on the garage to get it organized and situated so that I can make myself a little studio of sorts in there, and then I can get my stuff organized and situated and start on ramping production. Until then, I work with what will fit on the kitchen table, which isn't much. I'm still compounding this damned incense that I can't seem to get where I want it, and I have to get some Kyphi brewing very soon as I'm almost completely out of the stuff. It's not a matter of motivation anymore, but a matter of time and space. I have no time to go digging about for raw materials, and I have no space to put the materials once I get them dug up from whatever never ending pit of aromatics they've been tossed into. Once I get a proper studio -- either in the garage or off site -- all of these issues will be resolved. And, for the record, I'm still keeping my eye on that off site space. So far, no movement. I persist.

This new incense I'm working on is giving me fits. The first compounding session left me with raging sinus inflammation because I forgot to wear my mask while grinding and mixing the powders, and I very nearly blew up my herb grinder by cleaning it with alcohol, as I have always done, except this time I didn't give it the requisite hour or two of drying time after the cleaning, and when I turned it on, a wee explosion shot soot from the inner workings of the grinder. I thought for sure it was a goner. A few hours later, I bravely plugged it into a socket and gently pressed the 'on' button and nothing terrible happened. It whirred away like it never had its a** on fire. The list of ingredients (thus far) for this new incense are, and in no particular order:

Omani frankincense
Makko (Japanese bay)
Balsamo wood (Tolu)
Bois d'Rose wood
Kauri wood
Bergamot peel
Musk sage (Clevelandii)
Hawaiian sandalwood
Bamboo charcoal
Organic Thai Khao Ya (?) oud wood

Hopefully, the new batch will look something like this, only with myrrh resins clinging to the outside

The goal is something soothing and calm (as most of the incenses I create are themed upon -- notice a trend here?) and dark and animalic. There are a few other things I plan to add before either rolling the paste onto sticks, or making cones or incense chips, whichever works out best. I hope that by this evening I have the paste ready to roll, or at least by the end of the week -- incense isn't something that can be rushed or manipulated.

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