Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Different Faces of Oh, True Apothecary!

As you might have noticed (or not judging by the new widget stats), I have been toying with different 'skins' for this blog. Again. I have this problem with static situations -- I don't like them. And instead of getting a spring cleaning, I perform an autumn cleaning. When the weather turns from sweltering to chilling, I go on the move. I walk more, reflect more, create more, write more, and change more than any other time during the year.

This time, I'm finally satisfied with the changes I've made here. I like the apothecary look of the background. The side panel is appropriately sized, the colors jibe, and I added that globe widget that tells you who is looking at the blog and when. Which, really, is quite laughable because at the moment, and for the past hour I've been messing with this blog, it's just been me -- hahaha! For the past three or four months, my blog stats have been unusually high, and I knew from the beginning I was being attacked by robot computers again -- I mean, how does one go from around 90 views a day to 900 views a day? One doesn't unless one has recently established a cult following, which I am pretty sure I have not. I tried contacting Blogger to sort this out, but that was pointless. Basically, I'm stuck with false stats until the robots stop picking on my blog, or the blog dies. So I am attempting to get more accurate readings by adding that globe thingey. We'll see if it works. I the meantime, look at your fine self up there on the globe, all alone. Ha!

I finally received my wee slip tins for solid perfumes and I'm champing at the bit to begin. I pulled everything out onto the kitchen table, much to the family's chagrin, as I'm supposed to be doing this in the studio/garage. I like working in the studio, but I have no heat source, and without a heat source, there are no solid perfume balms. I listed a few that I was planning to make in a previous post here, but that could change. The more I think about making the solids, the more ideas I get to make other solids, and it becomes a tsunami of work I put in front of myself when I realize I need to order more tins, and discover I'm nearly out of this or that, and the table stacks high with finished solids, and I smack my head against the computer table trying to figure out labels, and . . . it can be exhausting. But I'm up to the challenge.

I've begun another book. Yeah, it began as an e-booklet for the shop on the compounding of incense for perfumers and then it turned into this monster with chapters and headings and sub-headings and footnotes and sources. And now it's a book. And it will not be ready for the holidays as I'd hoped (for the e-book). It's going to be another 2-year ride, unless, of course, not having to babysit and chauffeur makes a difference in production. Hopefully, the current situation will allow me the time to give this book its due, instead of rushing it along and f*cking up key points and leaving things out because there isn't time to flesh them out. This book has to be better than the last, right? If it's worse, then surely the worms have done their jobs and eaten my brain entirely.

I had better get busy. I have this to contend with for the next few weeks.



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