Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Review of The Scented Djinn's Viniagres

I got this great review this morning from a customer/family member who has been using The Scented Djinn's Frankincense Viniagre for her severe cystic acne. Here is what she says:

So I want to post my before and after photos of a new product, I have been using by The Scented Djinn. It is new and I don't know if it is even for sale on the website (Etsy) yet but I am so astonished and so in love with my results, I feel I need to share. This was given to me as a tester because she knows the struggle I have gone through my whole life with what I consider a "plague" or several cystic acne. My whole life I have caked makeup onto my face to try and conceal this embarrassing and (adult) life long struggle I have had. I've seen dermatologist after dermatologist to try and get help with just easing it enough to where I could feel comfortable not wearing makeup even around my husband of 8 years. I tried every over the counter and prescription face washes and medicines any store carried. I could tell you the effects and names of each and every one. Everyone had suggestions, "drink more water" "don't touch your face" "use ____ product it's wonderful" and the list goes on. Which I followed all to a T. Eventually I went as far as trying a prescription called Accutane which was originally used for cancer treatment and came with booklet after booklet of warnings of negative symptoms that even warned of possible death. I was on it for 4 weeks and had to stop due to nosebleeds, coughing up blood, constant sweating and vertigo and nightmares I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. To say the least, I was reluctantly forced to stop the treatment before I could even see results. I felt I would have this terrible problem for the rest of my life and I just needed to deal with it. I just came to terms with being the one always behind the camera, taking pictures of loved ones, hiding at gatherings, and never being able to look at anyone in the eye fearing AND feeling their judgment. I avoided all mirrors and mirrored windows, I learned to avoid myself at all cost. I feel people without skin problems don't fully understand this struggle. The self-loathing and just wanting to look like everyone else.

Well, to say the least, at this point I would try anything although I felt in my heart it would not work.
I was wrong. Soooo wrong.

No exaggeration, the VERY first time I washed my face with water and my normal cleanser and proceeded to wipe my face with the "elixir of life" I call it now on a cotton pad and my face felt smooth, that feeling of swelling and warmth like an infected wound feels was gone. It was so calming and refreshing and I hadn't felt so satisfied since I could remember. As days went by redness went away, blackheads started disappearing, the cysts on my neck and cheeks began to shrink. I couldn't believe it. "This won't last long," I thought. Well, a bottle lasted me one month. And by the end of the month, even through my "monthly" hormone cycle no new pimples appeared. In fact, all my problem areas were disappearing. I'm on my second bottle, second month and I have had about 3 pimples and ZERO cysts. Gone. It's a fricking miracle. And that sounds nuts but it's true. I wish I would have done a daily log so I could show you the proof. But I have a few pictures from before I started to tonight.

I know this is the longest story ever but this has been a life changer for me and wallet. I no longer wear more than a bronzer for some color, eyebrows, and eyeliner. I never dreamed this day would come. Anyways here are the pictures and I hope this can help someone, who has struggled like me. Much love and respect. Thank you, Justine Crane, for not giving up and helping me become comfortable, NO proud to be in my own skin.

They're not flattering but it's about my skin

Before using the vinegar (you can just see the redness and bumpiness around her chin)

After using the vinegar

I realize getting a review from a family member or friend doesn't hold as much weight as a review from an anonymous client, but I have to share that this young lady, who I've known for 8 years, struggles with cystic acne daily. Having this kind of outcome from a simple home remedy has really energized her. She's excited about her skin for the first time since puberty.

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  1. That is amazing. I have never seen your skin to be so clear. Justine's products are amazing. I won't bathe with anything but her soaps on my skin.



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