Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Almost There

I completed packing the garage -- the entire garage -- by myself. I've discovered muscles where I didn't know I had any. In the garage, there is a pile of charity stuff (a loveseat, Christmas ornaments, baby clothes, adult clothes, shoes, books, household items) and a stack of packed boxes. There is also a stack of boxes in the dining room, living room, and my bedroom. It's like a maze inside the house. And yet, the realtor keeps bringing prospective buyers in. The house is upside down, the garbage cans are full, and there are heavy duty bags of trash in a queue waiting their turn in the bin -- it's a mess, and I don't see how a prospective buyer can make a decision with all the distractions. The landlord owns the house next door too, and that's been put up for sale as well. The tenants there just moved in around February and they were out within two weeks of being told the house was for sale. According to the realtor, they were none too pleased. We aren't either, but it's turned out to be a blessing for us as we're moving back where the family is, and we're buying a house, and the house just increased in value $10,000 over what we're paying, and there's work for me there. Our former neighbors were quiet people. Extremely quiet. Now there are workmen coming and going from the house next door, and today is wash-the-house-day as there's a guy out there with a pressure washer (extremely loud contraption) hosing down the walls. Yesterday was hammering day, the day before was landscaping day -- it's been non-stop racket since the neighbors vacated. And with all the noise coming from the not quite so empty house next door, the back neighbors' Maltese mop dogs won't stop barking at the 'threat'. It's almost as disconcerting as life in The Tower. Almost.

I didn't discover anything out of the ordinary while packing the shop. It's been too recent since I went through everything, that I'm pretty familiar with what I have. I did find a lot of old friends, though. Like the kilo of arnica root oil I've been hoarding. And the big jars of finished incense that I haven't put up for sale. There were some other things that I marveled over briefly, such as the multitude of bottles of patchouli. I have nine different patchouli oils, and somewhere in my mushy little mind, I still think that isn't enough patchouli! At any rate, it's done. The goods are packed and ready to go. But am I?

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  1. You better be missy Lol. See you soon



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