Thursday, November 03, 2016

Politics and Incense

Sales have been super slow this past week, and I was sitting here scratching my head wondering why, and then I realized it's because of the impending election! Yeah, people are scared. No matter who wins, it's going to be a sh*t show. People are straight up losing their minds over this election in a way I've never seen before. The amount of vitriol -- it's way beyond what has ever happened in the past.

Years ago I used to put presidential bumper stickers on my car, or bumper stickers opposing the person I didn't like having as president. On more than one occasion I would park my car in a public parking lot at a shopping mall only to return to my car to find a message on my windshield (once the message was written with a crayon) about how I was a child molester and pedophile because of my bumper stickers. Another time my son and I were nearly run off the road by another driver who didn't like my bumper stickers. So that was the end of bumper stickers for me! My life and the lives of my children weren't worth having an opinion misconstrued by someone with poor impulse control. I mean, never once in my entire life have I ever thought to oppose someone's bumper sticker by actually writing nasty notes or yelling from a car window while speeding down the road. I have a definite live-and-let-live kind of attitude until you actually step into my space and become a problem. I guess in light of what's going on, I'm pretty naive. I actually believe I have rights to have an opinion without the threat of violence. Never did I imagine that what I experienced years ago would be elevated to where it is today. Never did I think that those anomalies would become the norm.
But, here we are.

I received a box of delicious incenses from various incenseurs around the world in a swap yesterday. I began with an aged Kyphi on the heater at bedtime and it smelled like heaven! It was juicy and sweet, like peaches and amber. I've never smelled Kyphi like this! Before it burned away entirely, I replaced it with a piece of Malaysian white benzoin resin, which melted into a puddle and emitted the most beautiful sweet, almost floral, slightly vanilla scent. This box will take me months to get through as there is a lot of stuff in it. I will keep you posted -- in the meantime, try to be nice to one another.

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