Sunday, November 20, 2016


Today is the day. It's shop packing day. And it's raining, which lends the process more of a hermit's work than a chore. I have not been looking forward to packing the shop in even the tiniest of measures, but I know, as it always happens, that once I'm in the scents, the joy level will increase exponentially until I'm done, my elated heart abuzz.

Sorry for that. I watched Persuasion before bed last night. Ha! It's my absolute favorite Jane Austen book to film.

I very recently pulled everything out of the HP closet --well, a bit but not all -- and set up shop in the garage, so repacking won't be such a big deal. It's the other stuff around the shop that I need to pack that is going to be a hassle. Lyll's expensive blow-up oasis pool is lying in a heap, there are boxes of odds and ends, things from my mother's house, errant picture frames and motorcycle helmets. I've also cleaned out the chest freezer, so tonight's dinner will consist of fried cod, buttery broccoli, and a frozen strawberry mash over freshly fried, previously frozen beignets, all complements of the deeper depths of the chest freezer. I also have two big bags of mini guava whose fruity-floral scent is filling the house now that they've been liberated from the deep freeze. I'm re-freezing them and I think I want to distill them for hydrosol. I was going to use them in incense, but I've changed my mind. Distillation with guava is on the list.

I suppose I'd better get to the shop and begin. I left it for last because I felt it was the biggest job to tackle. The thought that once in there, once the picking and sniffing commence, I won't need too much persuasion to continue.

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